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Getting Started with GP-Pro EX

GP-Pro EX is the easy-to-use development software for Pro-face HMI and IPC. With a wide array of development tools, expanded diagnostic and simulation capabilities, GP-Pro EX is capable of handling the most demanding applications.
Hariprasad Ramasamy : This is very useful training for beginners in proace
AngelCast18 : How can I make a backup copy for the GTM-4201TM?
Rui Pessoa : Hello

I have been looking on channel but I didn't found solution.
I want print a label in ASCII through USB, do you have that tutorial?

Rolando Uligan : By, the way our old AGP3500-T1-AF has screen problem needs to be replaced so we need to take-out the program and transfer to the new spare unit same model. We want to use LAN to pull-out the old project data fro transfer. Pls help.
Muhammad Arshad : Sir I have Proface HMI gp37w2-Bg41-24 . I need it's tool pin connection diagram . Please send me

Pro-face HMI 1강. GP-ProEX 시작하기

GP-ProEX를 이용한 프로페이스 HMI 시작하기
Starting Pro-face HMI project using GP-ProEX
이승오 : HMI 프로그램 업로드 다운로드 절차 동영상도 부탁드립니다.
정태호 : 감사합니다
dm s : bit invert는 어떤기능이예요?
남튱냄 : 프로페이스가 GP인가요??
TECHFLEX 자동화교육채널 : 비트상태가 on이면 off로, off이면 on으로 한번 누를때마다 바뀌는 속성이에요. 셀렉트 스위치나 토글 스위치를 화면에 표현할때 사용할수 있겠죠?

Proface program transfer via USB flash drive

THIÊN BẢO CTY GIẢI PHÁP TỰ ĐỘNG : How about upload display to USB when it is protected by password?




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